Gourmet Buttercream Frostings


Real Layers buttercream frostings are made with 100% Real Butter and other high-quality, whole food ingredients with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Our ready-to-spread buttercream frostings are of premium quality with an amazing homemade taste and just the right consistency for spreading or piping cakes, cupcakes and more. Simply open the container and start spreading the delicious buttery frostings on your favourite desserts, or use them for indulgent homemade breakfasts, sweet snacks and more! There are a ton of ideas to get you started on our recipes page!


Ready to Spread or Pipe 


    100% Real Butter

Nothing can beat the taste of real buttercream frosting - think homemade frosting on a cupcake, or sandwiched between two cookies fresh from the oven. But if you make your own buttercream, you likely already know that you can't get the exact same texture everytime and the rich, creamy flavour is not always guaranteed. And of course those other packaged frostings at the grocery store just don't cut it! What's a home cook to do?  

Lucky for you, there's Real Layers! We're dedicated to producing high-quality Gourmet Buttercream Frostings in three delicious flavours - VanillaChocolate and Maple, so you can rely on a quick, ready-to-spread shortcut that doesn't skimp on flavour or ingredients!